If you are on a hunt to choose a Robo-advisor to auto-pilot your investments, you have landed on the right place!

In Singapore, Robo-advisors are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to traditional management of finances among the younger generation.
We have made the struggle easier for you!

Our list will provide you with the ultimate guide to Robo advisory based on each platform’s pros, cons, fees, and asset variety so that you can pick the option tailored to your requirements.

But before that, let’s have a quick look at what are Robo Advisors and how do they function.

What Are Robo-Advisors?

You might have already picked a clue from the word “Robo.” That’s right!

There is no direct involvement of a human in managing and directing your finances. Robo Advisor eliminates the work of a human investment manager and is digitalized to provide your advisory services. That’s not all.

Based on the company’s insight and knowledge about the investment markets and assets, they provide automated, algorithm-based financial management and planning services.
Once you make up your mind to rely on the Robo Advisor, you make an account, set your financial goals, and risk tolerance.

An online survey enables Robo-advisors to know all about your financial situation and your future goals and tailor his recommendations and investment options based on the data received.
The best Robo-advisors have made sure to provide you with easy to comprehend account services, complete transparency, user-friendliness, thorough information, and all of this with attractive fee structures!

So what are you waiting for, let’s jump to our list of best Robo Advisors for you!


Sr.# Robo Advisors Total Fee/year Minimum Investment What’s the Catch? What’s the Drawback?
1. Endow.Us 0.6% (up to $200,000) $10,000
  • Offers CPF, SRS, and Cash
  • Low management fees
  • Independently owned and operated
  • Cannot invest less than $10,000
2. Kristal.AI Free $10
  • Very affordable for everyone
  • 120+ years of experience in international markets
  • Diversified portfolios
  • Does not allow automatic portfolio rebalancing
2. Syfe 0.65% / 0.5% (> $20,000) / 0.4% (>$100,000) None
  • Affordable,
  • Only one offering REIT-specific portfolio,
  • Sign-up bonus of S$10-S$100 for those registering with the promo code “VALUECHAMPION
  • More suitable for those interested in Real Estate
3. StashAway 0.8% (up to $25,000) None
  • Best for Huge Investments
  • Flexible withdrawal options
  • 50% off management fees with ValueChampion
  • Not very cheap
4. AutoWealth 0.5% + US$18 $3,000
  • Complete transparency
  • Dedicated wealth manager assigned to you
  • Exposure beyond Singapore for diversification
  • Can only start an investment with $3,000 and not below
5. DBS digiPortfolio 0.75% $1,000 or US$1,000
  • Combines human expertise and Robo-technology for greater efficiency
  • Presents two portfolios: Asia and Global
  • A bit costly in comparison to others
  • Not very transparent
6. UTrade Robo 0.88% (up to $50,000), 0.68% ($50,000 to $100,000), 0.50% (>$100,000) $5,000
  • Provides multiple trading platforms
  • Offers special trading tools
  • Provides a range of financial investments
  • Limited funding options
  • High brokerage fees and commission
7. Saxo’s Regular Savings Plan 0.75% $2,000
  • Best for those  looking for professionally managed RSP
  • Requires a monthly contribution amount of S$100
8. Philip SMART Portfolio 0.5% + SGX clearing fees where applicable $5,000
  • Low management fee
  • Managed by professional portfolio managers
  • User friendly
  • Direct possession of the securities in your name
  • Doesn’t allows you to rebalance your portfolio yourself
9. OCBC RoboInvest 0.88% $3,500
  • Offers 31 thematic portfolios across six different markets
  • User-friendly interface and fund management
  • Starting amount may seem too high to some
  • No mobile app

Now that you have had a comprehensive overview of Robo Advisors in Singapore, let’s see which one is the most suitable platform for you.

To make the decision-making process easier for you, we have broken down the list according to what they offer the best and what you seek the most in a Robo Advisor.

Let’s begin

If You Are Looking for Lowest Fee Structure

We will recommend:

Kristal. Al
Kristal.AI is the most renowned name amongst the Robo advisors in Singapore, owing to its lowest management fee as compared to others in the field.
In fact, for those with an account balance of less than $50,000, it does not charge management fee at all.

Making matters even more favourable for the beginners, it allows you to join with an as low investment amount as $10, so practically everyone can find afford it. For accounts with S$50,000 and more, it only charges 0.3% per annum.

For these reasons, it can easily make your top pick.

Syfe is counted amongst one of the most affordable Robo investing option with fees starting from as low as 0.4 % per year and no management or lock in charges.

It is safe to say that Syfe is the only platform providing REIT-specific portfolio and should be your top pick if you are inclined towards real-estate investments, that too without a limitation of the minimum requirement.

You can also opt for auto-balancing of your portfolios and reinvesting of dividends with Syfe and even schedule a financial planning session with them, anytime you want.

For these reasons and more, Syfe is worth considering for those seeking out real estate investing at affordable rates.

EndowUs will make a fine choice if you want to invest your cash, CPF, or SRS funds with a Robo advisor.

In fact, this is the only firm dealing with these investments in Singapore and that too, at inexpensive rates.

There are no additional charges for opening or closing accounts, withdrawals, and transfers. Although it requires a minimum investment of $10,000, it could certainly worth out best for those willing to make hefty investments.

EndowUs is an independently owned and operated financial advisory firm that has made a sure footing in the best names amongst Robo-advisors owing to its competitive rates and excellent, user-friendly services.

Autowealth promises fully automated investing with only 0.25% fee for diversified exposure beyond Singapore.

It is as good for a beginner with limited investment knowledge as it is for an expert.

Autowealth completely stands out for the transparency in the process and investments it provides to its clients.

It ensures better investment returns through its passive-market returns approach, optimizing investment performance.

Portfolios are robotically diversified across more than 8,000 stocks 600 bonds, based on algorithms, and these rebalancing of portfolios cost you nothing additional, making it one of the prime choices for you.

If You Are Looking to Make Huge Investments

We will recommend:

If you are aiming to make considerably huge investments, Stashaway is where you need to turn to.
For making substantial investments like $2 million or above, stashaway charges a pretty affordable fee.

It also ensures complete transparency and flexibility on withdrawals.

It is known for being upfront and transparent with every fee and process.

The best thing about it is no limitation of minimum account balance and unlimited withdrawals with absolutely no charges.

It is also quite vigilant of your account’s security with its two-factor authentication at all important steps.

It functions by continually monitoring the market cycles and economic trends to rebalance your portfolio in your favour.

While Stashaway’s fee for small investments is comparatively high, it is the best and most economical for you to choose for large investments.

Utrade is your second best choice for large investments and fund management, but it is known for a lot of other beneficial features as well for example it is the best bank-run Robo advisor in Singapore with 85 years of experience and over $30 billion in market capitalization.

It is safe to say, that this Robo advisory is here to stay.

It has a relatively costly fee structure (0.88% p.a. up to $50,000, 0.68% up to $100,000, 0.5% above $100,000.) with minimum requirement of $5,000 per portfolio, hence it is more suitable for heavy investments.

It also has the advantage of providing a wide range of products to cater to all kinds of investment objectives.

If You Are Willing To Invest in Unit Trusts

We will recommend:

DBS DigiPortfolio
Recently formed in 2019, DBS digiPortfolio is a Robo advisory build by human expertise and powered by Robo-technology.

It is one of the finest picks for investors interested in Unit trusts through two main portfolios, Asia Portfolio and Global Portfolio.

It charges 0.75% per annum management fees and has cut down platform fees, sale charges, and switching fees completely.

It creates tailored portfolios comprising of the finest funds from DBS’ platform based on profound research of markets and investments.

You can begin your investment from as low as $1000 and can withdraw at your own will.

It also offers complete transparency of your portfolio and holdings and takes the client’s security very seriously.

Your next-best option for investing in Unit Trusts is EndowUs, which has already been discussed above.

If You Are Looking to in Individual Stocks

We will recommend:

OCBC Roboinvest
It is the first bank to offer Robo advisory services in Singapore.

0CBC Roboinvest has 33 thematic portfolios across six different markets to match all kinds of investment aims and risk appetites.

What makes it unique is allowing investment in individual stocks across many themes that you select.

It charges 0.88% annually, which may seem too high in comparison to its competitors and requires a minimum investment of $3500.

It highly prioritizes flexibility for customers to withdraw their investments at any point in time without any charges apply.

It is quite user-friendly with very well-informed and supportive customer support.

If You Are Willing To Invest in ETFs

We will recommend:

If you are a fresh investor, still learning about the investment or an expert with little time to manage everything in hand, you can benefit enormously from the robust and convenient Robo investing services provided by the Robo-advisors.

Especially favourable for the young generation willing to take the minimum risk of going wrong, these Robo advisors provide fully automated, algorithm-driven services to maximize your returns and create diversified portfolios catering to your financial goals.

Be mindful of what you are looking in a Robo-advisor and then pick the best Robo advisor Singapore has to offer.



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Leo Tan

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Leo Tan

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