Top 12 Christmas Decorations in Singapore for That Lively Holiday Groove

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Complete your holiday atmosphere effortlessly with our top recommendation for Christmas decorations in Singapore. Let us help you kindle the spirit of Christmas.
Family lighting up a Christmas tree as part of their Christmas decorations in Singapore

Do you hear that? That’s probably your neighbor playing Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You!” Christmas is literally around the corner, but don’t worry! Even if your home still feels a bit mundane from the lack of lights, candles, and embellishments, you can quickly flip your situation by buying from our ultimate list of Christmas decorations in Singapore.

Here, we compiled only the ornaments you need so you can add that heartwarming Christmas spirit into the air. Also, we kept it simple. You can buy all these Christmas decors in Singapore via Shopee. We’re confident that you can experience the holiday essence without any interior design skills with this list.

Shopee’s Top 5 Christmas Decorations in Singapore for 2021

We’ve broken this list into two parts. The first five are all essential. If you buy all these five featured products, you can skip the rest as your home is nearly synonymous with Christmas already. But if you want to push things further and have that magical atmosphere you see in Christmas movies, buy the rest!

Best Christmas Tree

120/150/180cm 2021 Christmas Tree with Ornaments LED Lights Premium DIY Xmas Decorations Full Set

Shopee Singapore

First on our list is probably the only thing you need, a Christmas tree. For some people, this might be enough, and we can’t blame them. It’s as symbolic as the Cross, and almost every household owns one of these.

This tree comes in three drastically different sizes: 120, 150, 180 cm! Whether you have a tiny home or live in a mansion, there’s one perfect for you. Plus, it comes with a set of ornaments to keep your life simple.

Once you receive this Christmas tree, it’s just setting up, decking it with bubbles and miniature gifts, and wrapping it with LED lights (all provided in one buy). Tight on time and money? This one is the ultimate Christmas decoration in Singapore solution. And that’s why it’s our first recommendation.

  • All-in-one solution
  • Most atmosphere influence due to its size
  • Super affordable, considering it comes with ornaments

 Best Christmas LED Lights

[Starzdeals] 21 Models – 10 to 20 Meters Decoration Party Splash Proof Christmas Led Fairy String Light / Party Lights

The classic tree not enough for you? Or could it be too much for you? Well, no worries, we’re just happy you made it to our second recommendation, and that’s LED Christmas lights!

Coming from this featured seller, you have tons of options (27 designs and colors to choose from)! From warm white to icy blue, they got it for you. Plus, your item gets delivered to you in just 48 hours or less.

When buying lights, make sure that you check on the length. You have two options: 10 meters and 20 meters. Measure the areas of your home that need lighting, and then buy the right one you need.

  • Significantly creates a Christmas atmosphere
  • Quick delivery
  • Various options

Best Christmas Wreath

JIJI.SG) Christmas Wreath Door Decor 30cm / 40cm / 50cm / 60cm

Are you a believer in luck and blessings? Then you can’t cut back on hanging a Christmas wreath on your front door. According to Christian Christmas belief, this ornament symbolizes the invitation of Christ to your home.

This lovely Christmas ornament comes in four colors for you to choose from: blue, purple, gold, and classic red. You also get to choose the size you want.

What we like most about this ornament is that it’s effortless to place.  Just hang it in your front door, and you’ll have that instant welcoming vibe.

  • Affordable
  • Quick delivery
  • The easiest item on this list to deck

Best Christmas Curtain

3*3M 300 LEDs Curtain Light USB Remote Control Light Curtain Light Fairy Light String Lights Plug Christmas Party Lights*3M-300-LEDs-Curtain-Light-USB-Remote-Control-Light-Curtain-Light-Fairy-Light-String-Lights-Plug-Christmas-Party-Lights-i.164464610.4793064621?sp_atk=7840fd81-9639-4834-bc49-1a22fb1323ad

If you’re into something more creative than the timeless classics we’ve featured above, don’t you worry! Here’s an innovative take on a curtain: LED curtain lights!

Well, it has over 300 LED lights that scream Christmas, and it’s pretty easy to set up. Instead of buying individual packs of LED lights and assembling them into a curtain, which is exhausting, you can buy this Christmas decoration in Singapore.

It looks good on your living room window, bedroom, and even outside your home (walls)!  If you’re that into Christmas decors, you need to add this to your collection.

  • Easier to set up than doing it yourself using individual LED lights
  • Affordable
  • High wow factor


Best Christmas Decor for Your Dining Room

Alshone Christmas Univeral Elastic Chair Cover Polyester Stretchable Seat Cover Kitchen Dining Chair Seat Cover Anti-Dirty

Dinner keeps everyone together, and it becomes even more effective during the holiday season. If you love to add a little more effort into making your home as cozy as it can be while sprinkling the spirit of Christmas, this chair covering is for you.

It comes in with ten Christmas designs. Whether you’re into the classics red and green or prefer a more modern touch of black and beige, this Christmas decor in Singapore is a keeper.

If you’re hesitant to try this chair cover, don’t. It’s not like the old covers that make you put in some muscle just to fit on your furniture. Thanks to its stretchable fabric, it snugs instantly on almost any dining chair; you won’t have any issue using it this Christmas.

  • High-quality fabric
  • Easy to use
  • Makes eating with your family a lot better

Seven Supplementary Christmas Decorations in Singapore

Best Outdoor Christmas Decor

8 Feet Christmas Inflatables Santa Claus Giant Lighted Interior Inflatable Christmas Decoration

Do you want to grab the attention of your neighborhood? Well, this eight-feet tall Santa is waving at them. With this on your porch or yard, you’re showing everyone that you’re taking the Christmas spirit to the next level. You might even go viral on social if you let this inflatable carry a few ornaments.

Best Cute Christmas Decor for Your TV Stand or Desk

[VES] Christmas Ornament Wooden Train Merry Christmas Decorations For Home Xmas Gift Santa Claus Happy New Year 2021

Whether it’s your computer desk or TV stand, it can still use a few red and green to spice things up for Christmas. These cute and wooden train toys can lift your soul and turn you into a child. It’s also an ideal gift for family and friends.

Best Cozy-Looking Christmas Ornament

WMES1 Home Decor Ornament Xmas Gift LED Light Village House Miniatures Mini New Year Figurine Resin Craft Luminous Christmas

Now, if the train didn’t melt your heart, this one will. What’s more to say with these cute two-inch glowing houses? Placing them throughout your home can feel like this humid city is snowing. For crying out loud, they have snow-packed roofs and a fireplace that illuminates the entire ornament!

Best Christmas Decor for Eating

Stainless Steel Christmas Spoons /Xmas Gifts Party Coffee Spoon with Christmas pendant / Christmas Ornaments Coffee Spoon

Christmas candies and treats are a thing of their own. You can buy those on Christmas eve. But if you want to make all the food you eat weeks before that special night, these gold and silver spoons with dangling emblems will turn any dish tasty!

Best Christmas Decor for Your Wine

New Year 2022 Santa Claus Wine Bottle Dust Cover Xmas Navidad Noel Christmas Decorations For Home Natal 2020 Dinner Table Decor

Wine and holidays go hand in hand, so making sure that you add that hint of Christmas to your bottle is paramount to completing the Christmas atmosphere you’ve always wanted. You can choose from two colors, red and silver (cough, cough, red and white wine). And if you’re going to buy this Christmas decoration in Singapore, the next featured item is going to be a must-have for you.

Best Christmas Decoration for Sweets

Cute Christmas Socks Christmas Gift Bag Large Christmas Decorations Gift Bag

Christmas bottle coverings are not the only fabric delight on this list. Of course, we didn’t miss our chance to feature socks too! Where else would you place the candies? These socks shout Christmas, and they come in several design choices.

Best Christmas Decoration for Everywhere Else

Cute Christmas Socks Christmas Gift Bag Large Christmas Decorations Gift Bag

Our final Christmas decor in Singapore is the one we all know: Christmas bubbles. They’re versatile, elegant, and provide a warm holiday atmosphere. If you’re creative enough with these ornaments, you can create practically anything.

Our Final Thoughts

Although we’ve listed many items that would turn any home into a magical Christmas palace, you still need one more thing. And that’s love. This Christmas, do buy not just for yourself but for family, friends, and those in need too. If you’re having difficulty deciding what to get for them, please see our perfect gift ideas for mom, dad, son, daughter, and friends.



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