The Ultimate Power of an Investment Guru

When you talk about the real world, there is no superpower like Batman or Spiderman.
Your ultimate strength is none other than your power of being an investor!

All kind of rulers rules around the business community, whether it is a business owner, employee, or an investor.
The market is drenched in the storm of these financial masters.
However, none of these economic demeanours beats the importance of investing and the investor’s mindset.
Here is how an Investor owns the economic kingdom in his hands.
An Employee is a slave to his money. Day and night, he strives hard and works only to have enough cash in his pockets by the end of the month.
In other words, an employee trades his time and sweats for money, always dreadful.
A business owner could be a builder of society.
He owns a business for him to get his hands on the money.
Despite being an owner, he still works for crucially long hours to get his needs fulfilled.
An Investor, however, is the Lord of the financial emperor.
The power belongs to him.
An intelligent investor doesn’t need to fight tooth and nail or go the extra mile for his bread and butter.
He only trades money to get money.
Now that is some goal!
The Investment plant has its root down in every aspect of life.
The importance of investing and the benefits of being an investor are huge in numbers.
-> You stay ahead of inflation
-> You can build your wealth
-> Say goodbye to the stress of retirement and taxes
-> Meet your numerous other financial goals
Stay tuned as we discuss them all

1. You Stay Ahead of Inflation

There is a great unpredictability in your money and the economic stability of a state.
The gravest thing your finances could come across is inflation.
If you haven’t invested, then there is a huge probability that you will lose your cash due to inflation irrespective of how great you are currently doing.
As it is so brilliantly said,” Inflation is like toothpaste. Once it is out you can hardly get it back”.
It is like a flood that drowns every enriched field or like an earthquake that destroys every strong foundation.
To define inflation, it is generally an increase in prices and a decrease in earning power of your money.
When this horrible economic conflict occurs in a state, the prices of almost all the assets increase drastically, which results in the decline of purchasing power.
But worry not; here is where the power of investment comes in.
If you are an investor, then this drastic financial situation could be a treat for you.
An investor’s mindset is always clever about such downturns. He knows how to turn a disguise into a blessing.
Imagine you have invested before the whole inflation scenario results.
You purchased a particular asset or a stock in a lower amount, and as the inflation results, the price of that same asset rises to double.
Now you can always benefit from the situation and sell that asset at its current value and earn double.
Pretty clever, isn’t it?
You invested your money in it when the prices were rather down the scale and profit twice more due to this catastrophe.
This way, you are always ahead of inflation.
The inflation rate around the countries is never stable, a small rise can lead to a drastic situation but you investors can relax back now.
This is among one of the most important Investment tips as narrated by Benjamin Graham in his Book the Intelligent Investor.
“Inflation takes from the Ignorant and gives to the well informed”.

2. Money Works for You

This is the most compelling factor for me to consider investing.
The great power of an investor is that he makes his money work for him, not the vice versa. Who wouldn’t want that?
With the investment, you can always think smart and grow your money with no trouble.
Invest in a profitable vehicle or purchase a particular asset when the market prices are low and hold it until it is high up enough for you to profit.
Put your money in the hands of investment and watch it work for you.
“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”

3. Build Your Wealth

Don’t go on searching “ways to get rich” on your Google bar rather just simply invest.
It is how you get richer and build your wealth.
The simplest way to sustain financial stability and grow your money is to invest.
However, a blind investment will do you no good.
To grow your wealth and reach sustainability in your finances, you need to be clever.
It would be best if you created an intelligent scheme that suits you and your goals.
Investing might not always build your wealth.
If you are not cautious about the areas you are choosing to indulge in, then it could also lead to a loss. For instance, throwing your money in depreciating assets like machinery or vehicles is not an intelligent way to invest.
A smart investor never dives in without a proper plan. He knows his needs, has a clear outlook about the intrinsic values of assets, and never invests without proper analysis.
To build your wealth, you need to have a plan. You must know exactly how much you are capable of investing and what areas are of your preference.
Prioritize the ones you are familiar with.
Always do thorough research regarding the details and company’s records instead of just trusting them blindly.
You must also choose the volatile assets, the one you are sure their values will increase over-time.
Once you have this sorted, try reaching out to the best brokers in your town to complete the job.
Besides this, try to take advantage of the market’s downturn.
Try to purchase an asset at a lower price instead of exiting the area and wait to sell it when its value increases. This is the smartest way to build your wealth. There is a lot to gain.
Here is investment advice for you, always diversify your investment.
Never put your cash in one vehicle.
The more you invest, the more you will feel secure.
The wealthy invest, the broke do not!

4. A Shot at Early Retirement

Following the investment tips, always make your money work for you.
Retirement doesn’t have to be stressful and worrisome for you now. You can always make it easier with investment.
For you to have enough money to retire contented, you must make your money work for you.
Your money is not going to do you any good if it is just sitting in your accounts.
While you are still working, try investing some of your income into beneficial assets while saving the rest for later.
You must have enough investing vehicles that you could live off the funds they provide after retirement.
Once you start making enough money through this, you can always go for early retirement and lead a life without the constant workload and stress.
Invest more even if you are already investing.
Try looking out for some other options you can put your money in. Make a portfolio to cover the catalogue of investment areas.
If it is possible, make efforts to invest even your savings so you can grow them.
There are plenty of options available for you to choose from, such as stocks, mutual funds, bonds, exchange-traded funds, etc.
With a smart investment comes a carefree retirement as you will have enough cash in your hands to meet your future needs and goals.
The more you invest, the more you will be able to take advantage of the situation.
Never depend on a single income. Make investments to create a second source.”
Just make your money work for you rather than working for your money.

5. Save on Taxes

Among the great power of investment, the biggest advantage is its ability to save on taxes.
The government imposes a huge amount of taxes on almost every minor to major resources.
Honestly, owning funds is not a piece of cake with loads of taxes inflicted on you. That is where the power of being an investor leaps into its advantage.
For example, if you place your money in SEP IRA or Traditional IRA, it is not taxed the year you earn it rather you pay off the taxes when you withdraw it.
This simple step saves you a lot of taxation on the year you contributed at first.
Similarly, if you wish to pay the taxes now and go without them when you retire, then you need to hook up with accounts like ROTH IRA to pay taxes now and go free when you retire.
Whatever option you choose, the investment will only benefit you in the long run ahead.

6. Meet your Financial Goals

The importance of investment doesn’t end here; along with building your wealth; it also helps you to meet your financial goals.
We all have major financial goals that we strive for day and night.
We burn the candles from both hands to be able to give ourselves and our family a better and secure future.
Whether it is your education or wedding or your children’s, every vital goal in your life demands money. It is like a key to start the engine.
When you have such long-term goals to fulfil, then it only makes sense that you invest and invest more.
With the power of investment, you will be able to meet them.
You never know what the future holds; its unpredictability is nothing less than scary.
Any drastic situation can lead to a terrible economic outcome. To secure your future and to be able to meet the goals you need to take investment into account.
If you invest intelligently now in a very reliable investment instrument, then by the time you are to fulfil your goals you will have enough cash on your account to do them.
Hence to meet all the future financial goals, you need to invest in different assets rather than decaying your money sitting in banks and accounts.
Your future is in your hand.
You can lead it towards a happy direction by making a bold decision now than to regret ahead.
“Investing is laying out money now to get more money back in the future.”

Summing It Up

It is extremely important for you to understand the benefits of investing.
The power of being an investor comes with an intelligent investor’s mindset.
So if you have a clear plan, study the market thoroughly, reach out to authentic brokers and invest in profitable investment instruments that you will be able to meet all these advantages in no time.
And once you have the power of an investor, you are destined for big and better things.



Jun Sing Tan

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Jun Sing Tan

November 23, 2020