Smell Awesome With 12 Best Deodorants You Can Buy in Singapore 2022

Woman in Singapore using one of the best deodorants (roll-on type)

Body odor can be painfully embarrassing, especially when you’re out to work or school! Just imagine someone covering their nose when you’re near — isn’t that a nightmare?

If that’s an experience you want to avoid, you’re in the right place. Here, we’ve listed 12 of the best deodorants in Singapore for you. Moreover, we also added a few descriptive headings to quickly help you choose which one is best for you.

12 Best Deodorants in Singapore

1. Best Natural Deodorant in Singapore

SUKIN Natural Deodorant

First on our list is the best mild and natural deodorant that uses plants for your underarm protection. It’s a mixture of Burdock, Nettle Extract, and Aloe Vera — SUKIN Natural Deodorant.

SUKIN brings a fresh, free from any metal or minerals (salts) deodorant that is safe for all users. It’s ideal for both men and women. However, the latter may benefit from this product more due to its more feminine citrus smell.

It works by killing bacteria growth using natural herbs and zinc. It also has other ingredients that give you that lively, garden-ish aroma, thanks to its use of tangerine, mandarin, lavender, and vanillin extracts.

Strength Protection Duration Fragrance
1.8/5 2/5 5/5


2. Best Dove Deodorant for Smoother Underarms

Dove Original Antiperspirant Deodorant

When you hear Dove, we’re sure you’ll somehow remember that ad on TV that tells you how to get smoother, softer skin! Yes, that’s the same thing that this deodorant provides.

Although this product is best for women, men can use it too! Trust us; the smell isn’t that girly (like soap, to be honest). What makes this effective at giving you softer armpits isn’t just because of the brand.

Its primary ingredient is vitamin E. It helps rejuvenate your skin, and it can slowly reduce those visible hair bumps too. If you care more about softening your underarm to remove those fine lines, this deodorant is best for you.

Strength Protection Duration Fragrance
2.5/5 3.2/5 3/5


3. Best Deodorant That’s Safe for Pregnant Women

Total Image Smelly No More Deodorant

For our lovely pregnant readers out there, you have every right to smell your best, too, without affecting your baby’s health. That’s why we recommend Total Image Smelly No More Deodorant!

It’s made from pure potassium alum, which is completely safe for all pregnant women out there. It’s also hypoallergenic. The only downside is that it has zero fragrance since this deodorant is raw mineral salt potassium alum.

Now, having no fragrance included is safer for both you and your baby. It may make you feel a bit uncomfortable when going out. But hey, a little perfume can fix that.

Strength Protection Duration Fragrance
3/5 2.5/5 1/5


4. Best Rexona Deodorant for Women

Rexona Women Shower Clean Roll-on

Some of you might just want a regular, reliable, and affordable perfume. If that’s you, and you’re a woman, Rexona Women Shower Clean Roll-on is for you.

When it comes to dependability, this perfume will never let you down. Some of our staff swear by this product (a few even told us it could provide over two days of protection — no judgment, please).

It’s perfect for active, working women. And since it’s in roll-on form, it’s quick to apply. The smell is also neutral but lovely enough to make you confident wherever you go.


Strength Protection Duration Fragrance
4.5/5 5/5 3/5


5. Best Deodorants for Men in Singapore

Old Spice Deodorant for Men

If you’re a man who would like to smell classy, you can never go wrong with Old Spice Deodorant for Men. This brand has been dominating the men-protection space for decades.

Apart from how effective Old Spice deodorants are at keeping you safe from body odor, they just smell pretty good! It has that bark, woody notes that make you feel like walking into a newly opened bar.

Perhaps, the only downside to buying deodorants from this brand is the price. It’s more expensive than most deodorants on this list. However, the confidence it gives is just phenomenal!

Strength Protection Duration Fragrance
4/5 4/5 5/5

6. Best Deodorant Spray for Athletes

Adidas Deo Body Spray

Next on our list is for those who compete and train every day. If you’re a born warrior striving to dominate your game, Adidas Deo Body Spray is for you.

It’s simple to use and provides excellent body odor protection. And since it’s in spray form, you can use it throughout your body, perfect for ensuring you won’t smell even after an intense sweat session.

One thing that may feel off about it is the smell. It has a minty scent but nothing more extraordinary. If your priority is to not smell bad during competition or training, you can rely on this product 100 percent!

Strength Protection Duration Fragrance
5/5 5/5 3/5

7. Best Hypoallergenic Deodorant for Kids

Tom’s of Maine’s-of-Maine-Long-Lasting-Natural-Deodorant-Hypoallergenic-Unscented-Stain-free-2.25-Ounce-(M03B)-i.23334427.6546051204?sp_atk=b77c478a-c8ff-46b5-a248-9fc7b2251d0c

For parents out there, kids above eight years old have body odor too! Yes, we know they look like wingless angels, but they can smell bad after a long day at school.

It’s best to teach your kids proper hygiene at a young age by giving them their deodorant. What’s the best deodorant for kids? Well, we have to say it’s Tom’s of Maine!

It’s hypoallergenic, unscented, and stain-free! So you can rest assured that your kids are safe and healthy. Plus, unlike natural salt deodorants that can be quite rough over time, this one is in a soft paste-like form, hence no rashes or skin irritation after application.

Strength Protection Duration Fragrance
1.5/5 2.5/5 1/5

8. Best Deodorant That Won’t Stain

NIVEA Deodorant Roll-On Invisible B & W Original

NIVEA is one of those brands that continue to innovate and surprise us regarding personal care products. Here, they provide a reliable zero-stain deodorant, the NIVEA Deodorant Roll-On Invisible B & W Original!

It has a unique formulation that keeps your body’s armpits from sweating like crazy. Moreover, it has a super lovely smell. Wearing this feels like wearing expensive perfume and clothing. And although it does provide numerous modern features, it’s cheap at less than SGD 4!

Strength Protection Duration Fragrance
3/5 3/5 4.5/5

9. Best Deodorant for Daily Use and Sensitive Skin for Adults

DEONAT Mineral Deodorants

Now, we’ve already mentioned the power of salt minerals (potassium alum) to you. This deodorant is no different. However, this brand — DEONAT — has a few fruity deodorants available.

With DEONAT natural deodorants, you can still smell pleasing. However, what we love most about this brand is that they took the time to elevate the simple salt mineral deodorant into a classy-looking one. You can select stick types and sprays that provide the same health benefits.

Strength Protection Duration Fragrance
2/5 2/5 2/5

10. Best Whitening Deodorant for Women

NIVEA Extra White Deodorant

Do you have dark underarms? You should know that there’s no shame in that. However, there’s no shame in wanting to have fairer, lighter skin too!

If raising your hand while wearing a tube or any dress that exposes your pits is difficult for you, then NIVEA Extra White Deodorant might be the solution you’re looking for.

It has ten times the vitamin C content of other whitening deodorants. Plus, it has zero alcohol and other chemicals that may darken the skin. Although it’s less than SGD 11, it may still be a bit expensive as it’s in spray form with only 100 ml of content. Still, it should last two to three weeks of daily use.

Strength Protection Duration Fragrance
2/5 2/5 4/5

11. Best Perfume-Smelling Deodorant

M&S Rose Deodorant

Next on our list is a champion when it comes to smelling at your best. For date nights, celebrations, and all events that require you to be a little extra, you can’t go wrong with M&S Rose Deodorant.

This deodorant smells like a premium rose perfume. It has a subtle hint of citrusy fruits too. To make things even better, you can buy this deodorant in Singapore for less than SGD 7!


Strength Protection Duration Fragrance
2/5 2/5 5/5

12. Best Deodorant for Feet

Scholl Fresh Step

Last but not least is Scholl Fresh Step. And this deodorant isn’t for your armpit; it’s for your feet! We know that some of you may have a few issues taking off your shoe, but this will solve that for good.

If you have sweaty feet that just don’t respond with soap or a pair of quality socks, try Scholl Fresh Step. Spray it once a day after taking a bath, and you will see permanent results in a matter of weeks.

Strength Protection Duration Fragrance
5/5 4/5 1.5/5


Deodorant Usage and Buying Guide

For some people, especially teens who are newly introduced to strong body odor, deodorants can be pretty overwhelming. We get that. You want something safe, pleasant, and practical. And you also want to make sure that you’re using it the right way.

Good thing, this article isn’t just a list of our recommendations. We’re here to educate too! Continue reading to know a few more things about deodorants.

How Often Should You Use a Deodorant?

Modern deodorants protect you from body odor for around 24 to 72 hours, so you shouldn’t have to reapply them throughout the day. Once after you take a shower is good enough. We know reapplication can boost your self-confidence and leave you feeling fresh, but we would still prefer you only apply it once.

If you have sensitive skin, applying deodorant every few days or only when you go outside is your best option. If you are prone to sweating, you should use your deodorant more frequently, but make sure that you clean your armpits with facial tissue or soap and water before applying again.

Is Deodorant Safe for Pregnancy?

Antiperspirant usage while pregnant is completely safe for you and your baby. However, you still need to keep an eye out for the ingredients on the packaging.

Although heavy metals, like aluminum, are sometimes linked to preterm births, low doses coming from your deodorant do not pose a significant danger. But if your doctor advised you to stay away from deodorants with specific ingredients, it’s best to follow his/her advice.

There are plenty of natural deodorants available on the market for pregnant women. So if you’re that concerned, or you have experienced miscarriages before, just avoid chemical-based deodorants.

Which Deodorant Should You Choose? Which One Is the Best for You?

Picking a deodorant is more of a subjective choice. For starters, it’s best to choose one based on your reaction to substances (natural or not). If you have allergies, you can always try natural deodorants or those that are hypoallergenic for kids.

For the average person who doesn’t have any allergy problems, formulation strength is next to consider. If you sweat a lot and suffer from intense body odor, opt for deodorants that provide at least 48 hours of protection. For those fortunate enough not to have odor problems, mild or natural products will work just fine.

Last but not least is to consider extra features or the fragrance of the deodorant. Some deodorants provide whitening effects if you want whiter underarms, but they tend to be more expensive. Others offer zero stains (it blocks your pores from sweating). Go with whatever feels most beneficial to you.

Final Thoughts

Keeping foul body odor at bay with the best deodorants in Singapore will do wonders for you, from making it easier to make new friends to being more confident with whatever you do at work, school, or anywhere.They’re affordable and is safe.

People have been using it for centuries, so there’s no reason for you not to (unless a doctor says so). Plus, you have natural options available on this list. Have fun, enjoy life, and don’t let armpit sweat be your biggest enemy — you got bigger fish to fry!

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