Shift Your Mindset- See What Steve Jobs Said About Starting

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Shift Your Mindset- See What Steve Jobs Said About Starting
2.Work on Your Passion
4.Start a YouTube Channel
5.Affiliate MarketingThe Crux

Steve Jobs!
Who wouldn’t have heard of this legendary man?
From the world of technology to young kids talking about Disney, the name of this history maker is always there.
Whether you talk about business, technology, or animations, you will always find Steve Jobs running the world, leaving such phenomenal marks.
I am sure you already know enough of this exceptional man who changed the course of the technological world; I mean it is running on his fingers.
Born in San Francisco, California, this man has been through a lot of hardships and troubles.
Life hasn’t been very kind to him.
After his birth, unfortunately, he was put up for adoption, and he grew up to be a troubled teenager.
One would think life has ended for him. But he never gave up on life and eventually got everything he was meant to have.
The key to his success was none other than the fact that he dared to look into the eyes of life and take risks.
Nothing was able to stop him. He knew that he needed to start NOW!
The world today knows Steve Jobs as an American Business Magnate, Industrial designer, Investor, and media proprietor.
He left a giant mark on the technological world by introducing us to a masterpiece that the world is for sure addicted to now.
Steve Jobs was a chairman, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and Apple Inc a name you are all very much aware of.
Even after this grand achievement, he didn’t settle for life. No, instead he strived hard enough and also became the chairman of Pixar, a member of Walt’s Disney Company.
Hence, Adults or kids we all owe him, don’t we?
It’s not like you are not aware of the modern world; it is all about technology and media.
You go out and see dozens of people with their heads stuck in their mobile phones.
Laptops, Mac books, Tablets, and mobiles are all the small beasts that prey upon us day after day and this great man unleashed the biggest of all the beasts “Apple”.
Today the world is drowning in its products. It’s a small word with a tremendous power to rule over the world.
Though started from scratch; it has made endless master hits throughout the world, and there is so much to learn from the lessons Steve Jobs left for us.
Never would he have imagined the vast outbreak this technological giant would produce when he first co-founded Apple in 1976 with his co-founder Wozniak to sell his Apple 1 personal computer.
Today it spreads throughout the countries and continents, multiplying every other day.
From IMac to iTunes, iTunes Store, Apple Store, iPhone, and more all his sub-products are drowning us into the enormous depth of its sea.
“That’s why we started Apple; we said, you know; we have absolutely nothing to lose. I was 20 years old at that time, and Woz was 24-25 so, we have absolutely nothing to lose. Do something when you are young when you have nothing to lose and keep that in mind”.
I can certainly say that you have heard of this exceptional saying.
This saying by Steve Jobs is not something you just read and scroll down rather it leaves a massive impact on you, and you sit there for a moment wondering if they can do it why can’t we?
Surely you can. The emphasis of this saying not to be afraid of taking risks, start young!
Are you motivated enough? I know I am.
The age of 20s is indeed the most exceptional age of one’s life and like you; every other young adult spends it partying and everyday hangouts.
These entertainments are a crucial part of our routine. As a young adult, I know you are aware of the hype of this age span.
But think about it, my friend, what are you doing?
We all know we were always anxious about turning 20, finally being independent. To think of it, isn’t it amazing? No more of your old folks’ bickering and restrictions.
The boredom of following the rules is finally over.
Indeed, it is once in a lifetime period, but do you ever wonder how beneficial it could be for your life ahead.
I mean this is the period where life throws opportunities at you every other day.
If you look at the saying above it says “Start young when you have nothing to lose”. Rather deep, it is.
Being young you have all the advantages it would take to become successful money earning human being.
You have energy running through your bones; your mind gives birth to new and innovative ideas every day.
All that you have got to do is be daring enough and leap onto them.
When you are young, you are not entirely alone.
Along the road, you fall and learn knowing some people have got your back nevertheless, but at this age, you have got nothing to lose, you can go out and take risks any time you want without a second thought.
You don’t have people depending on you.
Every chance you take will only give you something good.
So, say goodbye to your sluggishness.
Don’t just sit there and watch as the world consumes you, rather do something productive today so you wouldn’t sit back with an endless cycle of “sighs” and “what ifs” when you are older.
If you are looking for some incredible ideas to start growing your money while you are young, here’s a treat for you.
You have come to the right place.
We are going to walk you through some simple and easy ideas for you to start earning right away.
Here’s how you can start:

  • Freelancing
  • Work on your passion
  • Investment
  • Start a YouTube Channel
  • Affiliate Marketing

Stick with us!

1. Freelancing

It’s not like you are alien to this world. You and I both are aware that technology and media run the modern world we live in.
You have a mobile in your hand; you have the whole world in short.
Especially now in this current state of the year, as we all battle through the notorious Covid-19 breakthrough earning money from online jobs has become essential and simple for people.
Among the best of easy ways to earn money young, freelancing is the most helpful.
It provides you with a catalogue of options and work categories that you can choose per your preference. Writing, Digital marketing, Logo designing is among the best-paid works you will find in here.
It is a bit of a challenging, but what life is without a struggle?
You have got to be daring enough to take a chance as Steve Jobs did.
Here’s how you can do it,

  • Make an account on freelancer,
  • Choose the best category for you, and start bidding.

Upwork is another great site that would provide you with a quality of work to grow your money.
So gear up and take a chance. You have got nothing to lose.

2. Work on Your Passion

Every human being is born with an eccentric passion or skill in them.
Talent is god gifted that runs in your veins even if you are not aware of it yet.
Writing, Photography, Video editing, cooking, and painting are some of the talents and skills that are encouraged in the world today.
Search for your passion, look out for things you are good at, and the skills you find interesting and start working on them.
Social media is of great help nowadays, anything posted on it would start to gain followers and viewers almost instantly.
If you are good at it surely, the world will recognize and appreciate your talent, and in no time you might be sponsored by the great influences on the media world.
You can make your Instagram page to promote your skills. Several platforms would pay you for any of these passions you hold.
Don’t be afraid to try new things.
Own your passion and give yourself a try.
There’s a lot more potential in you than you think.

3. Investment

The simplest way to grow your money is to invest.
Investment is like a ladder that would mostly pull you up.
Growing money with this particular option is not a very difficult thing to do. However, you need to be cautious about where you are investing as it plays a major role in your success or downfall.
You should also never put all your eggs in one basket rather try to expand it. The more you can invest, the better.
Look out for options you are certain will only benefit you with the time, but if it is heading towards a loss, you can always cut it off.
If you start investing even a little at a young age, I am sure it will benefit you in the long run ahead.
Here’s an Investment guide for beginners that you can refer to.

4. Start a YouTube Channel

Social media is ruling the world.
Sitting on its throne, it leads us all servants towards success and downfalls.
There is so much more to social media than just posting pictures and sharing memes.
Anything you need to know you head to social media and a whole book of information is there. I am sure you all run to YouTube to know about the latest world news or even to learn a new skill.
Starting a YouTube channel is among the most fun ways for you to earn money in your 20s.
Many bloggers and YouTuber’s you know of are earning money from YouTube, and the most compelling factor is that it is not restricted to any one particular skill.
You can upload tutorials, your fantastic gameplay, any cooking recipe, and more. It will never fail you.
You being young is in your favour as you are more aware of the technological world and have massive energy to sit in front of your laptops for a longer period.
So what are you waiting for?
Grab your mobile and make a YouTube channel right away. Stop Binge-Watching.

5. Affiliate Marketing

We are currently facing this massive outbreak of this deadly virus Covid-19, and the internet world is seeking all the measures to provide us with maximum benefit so we could earn while being quarantined within the dreary four walls of our houses.
Affiliate Marketing is the most well-known work from home jobs you can do.
The best thing is it doesn’t require experience nor, is it limited to a certain age. But you should always be sure about the authenticity of the particular company.
Nevertheless, it has little to no risks involved and would do wonders for you.
Youngsters don’t let the opportunity go by.

The Crux

Starting young is like the greatest favour you would do to yourself.
With all the energy in your bones, you have nothing to lose in your hand. Hence, life is throwing a storm of opportunities at you that you need to grab on to.
If you ever feel discouraged, you can always grab your Iphones and read the saying by Steve Jobs for motivation. I am sure it won’t fail you!



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Jun Sing Tan

November 23, 2020