Paving‌ ‌the‌ ‌Way‌ ‌for‌ ‌Self-Enrichment‌ ‌in‌ ‌Young‌ ‌Adults‌ ‌

Young adults have always been the most neglected lot when it comes to true recognition of life problems.
Their issues, their endeavours and their struggles with making the best out of their lives are barely acknowledged. Today’s generation of young adults and teens are no different.

It’s difficult to wrap your head around the notion that anyone in their prime years of life, the age considered most energetic and vibrant, are deeply immersed in a pool of problems.
But the bigger part of the iceberg is always hidden.
Statistically speaking, young adults nowadays are knee-deep in depression.
WHO has recognized depression leading to suicide as the second leading cause of death in 15-29-year-olds.
These feelings of despondency kindle from several reasons, such as:
These feelings of despondency kindle from several reasons, such as:
In this demanding age, young adults are not only trying to have a competitive edge in their academic life. Still, they are also juggling with their careers and finances while often steering a romantic relationship.
Not only this, they often find themselves at the cutting edge of peer pressure and bullying. With this, the sentiment of disconnection and detachment from everyone and everything around them is forged.
Life, to them, seems unfair.
Little do they realize is that they are stronger than their problems.
It is said for the reason that, ‘’we cannot solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them’’.
One can rise above their hitches and even tailor them into learning opportunities if they are self-enriched and value personal enhancement.
What self-enrichment means is to increase one’s intellectual and spiritual resources and continue to work to create a better, more resilient version of themselves.
One may question that if there exists an easy solution to all their problems, why would people not consider it.
Self-enrichment doesn’t come as a platter. It is a perpetual state of mind.
Young adults often succumb to the overbearing problems of their lives, and it’s often not their fault.
Unsupportive parents, bad influences, pressure from unrealistic expectations, anxiety and several other unforeseen circumstances can gravely damage a person’s self-esteem.
It often escalates to the point where he starts giving up on his life and surrender to even minor glitches in life.
It’s time young adults take matters in their own hands.
It’s important to support young adults to step on the ladder of self-enrichment, allowing each step to make them stronger and high spirited.
Climbing each step will recast them in a better version of themselves.
Some simple yet impactful pieces of advice that I would give to every young adult are as following:

  • It’s Your Time, Give Some to Yourself
  • Set Milestones and enjoy reaching them
  • Cherish Nature
  • Make your Mental Health a priority.
  • Physical Health is Your Real Wealth
  • Make your Passion your Profession
  • Meaningful Connection

Let’s dig a little deeper into these.

It’s Your Time, Give Some to Yourself

I cannot stress enough on how necessary it is to take out some time for you.
And this does not mean to finish that pending assignment, read all the emails or calculate your finances.
These are the tasks you are bound to do. Instead, do something that makes you genuinely happy.
Relax, Breathe and Unwind.
Brew a cup of coffee and get a hold of a book you have meant to read for so long but didn’t have time to. Go for a walk if you like.
Paint, write or play an instrument.
Cook if it feels therapeutic. Do whatever makes you feel like this is just for you.
Focus on your super strengths, things that come naturally to you.
Get in the flow.
When you do the things that make you happy, you actually become better in them, and a sense of achievement comes effortlessly.

Set Milestones and Enjoy Reaching Them

It is the greatest advice I can give to all young adults out there.
I love doing this, and I would totally recommend it out of my personal experience.
Take a journal or a diary.
Reserve each section for a different category like:

  • Physical milestones,
  • Self-development milestones,
  • Work/academic milestones,
  • Relationship milestones.

You can add as many as you prefer.
Your physical milestones might include losing or gaining weight, including more vegetables in your diet, going for a walk every day or playing some sport.
Have a goal and break it into aims, objectives and milestones.
Similarly, self-development milestones may include reading a new book every month, learning a new skill, a language, creating a blog or literally anything.
Possibilities are limitless.

Cherish Nature

Nature has healing powers concealed from mind and eyes. Appreciate nature more.
Go out, observe the beauty around you and breathe in the open air. It gives you a chance to slow down and enjoy simple pleasures in life.
Staying connected to nature will reveal a magical natural phenomenon to you and give you a sense of appreciation towards your life.

Make Your Mental Health a Priority

Prioritize yourself. Regard yourself enough to never compromise on anything that disturbs your peace of mind.
Value your feelings and allow yourself to feel free, no matter if it’s discontent, hate or gloominess. Don’t invalidate your feelings.
Don’t suppress them till they accumulate to the point that the volcano of your subdued feelings suddenly erupts at an unfortunate time.
Rest well. Get your required 7 to 8 hours of sleep. A well-rested, healthy and happy mind is a productive and positive mind.
Not getting enough sleep can not only for your brain but will have undesirable effects on your body as well.

Physical Health is Your Real Wealth

Your physical health is your greatest blessing. Treat it like so.
Taking care of your physical health is as important as any career or financial goal. The way you look has a great impact on the way you feel.
Being comfortable in your skin quietens many pointless screams of criticism and gives you an uplifting feeling of self-assurance.
Eat Well and Exercise. Maintain your body to prevent it from going towards ailments.
If you are physically fit, you will feel pumped to take up all challenges vigorously and will be motivated to keep working on your goals.

Make Your Passion Your Profession

To have a wholesome feeling of self-enrichment, you mustn’t neglect the financial aspect of it.
Start thinking around to gain financial freedom way ahead of time.
Most of the struggle of people in today’s world is for money and attaining financial independence which is understandable because money holds great power today and ensures a comfortable way of life.
The best way to do is to turn your passion into your profession.
Identify your strong suits and strategize how you can market them. Earning from what you love will untether you from all the job-related stresses.
There are countless opportunities in the freelance world where you can display your talent, explore them. Even better, you can also start thinking about entrepreneurship.
Being able to afford the lifestyle you love is a massive relief.

Meaningful Connections

We, as a society, are deeply stuck in a relational paradox.
While we have an active social life and hundreds of friends on Facebook and Instagram, in reality, we feel alone and disconnected.
To feel really content in life, you must build meaningful relationships with family and friends that are not limited to the bounds of technology.
Human beings are wired for connection. We depend on each other for acceptance, belongingness, love and identity. Without this, we cannot thrive.
The initial step to making meaningful connections is to reach out to others. Offer someone your time and get to know them, listen to their stories and learn from their experiences of life.
It is not always a piece of cake to make good friends for everyone but having even one friend can give you a refuge from the disappointments of the world.

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, the process of self-enrichment is ceaseless, and there is no standard guideline for it. It is a perpetual state of growth and wellbeing.
When you make up your mind for it, every little incident in your life can become a learning experience. Personal development in the form of micro wins lays the ground for macro wins in your life.



Jun Sing Tan

I help young adults and working professionals achieve their financial goals with a full suite of risk management and wealth accumulation solutions. I firmly believe that financial education should be easy and achievable for all. I am committed to service and hope to be your one stop financial solution.


Jun Sing Tan

November 23, 2020