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How to get out of debt.


Start investing the RIGHT way


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Achieve your financial goals by making the right choices today.


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See your life unfolds in just minutes. Identify the gaps in your financial health, visualize the impact of real-life scenarios in real time and how different solutions can help you achieve your lifetime financial goals.


No more estimated numbers. GoalsMapper visualization tools provide the highest resolution for financial planning allowing you to see a precise picture of your financial status.


The multiple goals and scenarios based planning allow you to see the effects of different financial decisions, which will give you peace of mind in making important life decisions.


Have a trusted consultant for life. With GoalsMapper, consultants are elevated and equipped with excellent financial knowledge and capabilities to map up your financial life. You can be assured that your financial future is in secure hands.

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By The Founder

Dear Reader,

I know what you have been through.

You have been searching on the internet, hungry to find something that you can learn to improve your personal finance.

You have also probably been approached by multiple financial planners, through phone calls from your friends and getting stopped on the street.

That’s how you landed on this website.

After speaking to more than thousands of individuals, we have come to realize one thing.

Most individuals don’t need access to any more information. All you need to know about investing, insurance, budgeting and so on is ALL out there on the internet.

But what they need is someone who can help them take action and guide them in the right direction.

And that guidance is something that is so important, but yet it is rare to find quality advice that really matters.

You see, most individuals don’t suffer from a lack of financial advice. But they do suffer from POOR financial advice, from inexperienced financial planners who offer nothing except profit-driven sales pitches.

If you are sick and tired of working with financial planners who don’t deliver… and tired of sieving through hours of resources to find out what works best for you… then you are in the right place.

Simply stop the stress and frustration by speaking to a financial planner who truly cares for your financial well-being.

Leo Tan

Founder of TheMoneyBees

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