Best-Selling Self-Help Books to Get You Through 2020

Have you been feeling a little idle and unproductive lately and want to make some positive changes in your life?
You are not alone!
This pandemic has got everyone under its sombre spell.
But we have a reliable way out for you, with guaranteed productive results, in the form of self-help books.
The list of best-selling self-help books to get you through 2020 is here!

Surfing through Google, you will find a list of ways to improve your productivity and elevate your spirits.
Among the long list, you will find reading self-help books the most helpful.
Especially in a time like 2020, when a deadly virus disrupts the world, we all are facing some low moments in life.
Staying inside your houses all day long is not an easy task to do.
Stay with us while we introduce you to the best-selling self-help books to get you through 2020.
You will find in this impressive list, the best self-help books written by brilliant writers of all times such as:

  • Rich Dad Poor Dad
  • Think and Grow Rich
  • The Power of Now
  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
  • How to Win Friends and Influence People
  • Start with Why
  • The Power of Your Subconscious Mind
  • The Book of Mistakes
  • The Power of Discipline

Are you looking for a new reading list? Grab one of these.
But first, let’s quickly take a look at what are self-help books and how reading them can help.

What are Self-Help Books?

Self-help books, also known as self-improvement books, provide you with tried and tested tips, recommendations, and activities that can help you bring improvement in different aspects of life.
These pieces of advice are mostly derived from the experiences of the writer and applying them in your life can harvest similar encouraging results for you as well.
2020 Is not a very happy year. It’s no less than a black hole in history.
Due to this fatal virus, people today are losing their jobs and facing numerous financial issues. It is enough of the reason for them to turn to self-help books for help.
We have the best-selling self-help books to get you through 2020 and guide you towards Self-Actualization.
After all, it is one of our needs.

How Can Reading Self-Help Books Help?

The most common question people ask is “Why should we read self-help books?” They are not aware of how helpful they can be.
When you recommend them one, they will be like, “How are these books going to help me?”
It is not an odd question; you might have thought of it too.
But let me brief out for you.
We human beings long for encouragement and motivation from another person for our personal esteem.
These books will prove to be your cheapest counsellor to develop you into a better and successful person. They will provoke a sense of inspiration and hope in you for a better tomorrow.
That’s all you need, hope!
As a famous personality says it “Is self-help book ruining your life? It’s not so why not take a chance. There is nothing to lose.”
Still not convinced? We have more reasons as to why reading should be a part of your life.
Now, let’s dive into some of the best self-help books for you.

1. Rich Dad Poor Dad

This incredible book, written by the notable authors Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter, speaks about financial independence and highlights the importance of financial literacy.
It reads us the story of two fathers; “The poor dad” who is highly qualified yet has no financial success while the “Rich Dad” is a school dropout. He is one of the most influential people in Hawaii and is financially strong.
It is number one of the best self-help books to read as it teaches us some valuable lessons on how to tackle life.
It encourages us to use our mind sharply and not rely on just your diplomas and degrees.
Life throws opportunities at you even at times when you are nothing.
The main focus of this excellent book is how to use your time and mind to grow money through investments and business.
The words and quotations used in this book leave a very startling effect on one’s mind.
It emphasizes on how we see ourselves.
We are the image of us we have in mind, the more highly you think of yourself, the better you will be. One should never be a slave to his mind but seize every opportunity along the way.
Here’s how you can read it online.

2. Think and Grow Rich

The number 2 of the best self-help books to read is Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.
The main focus of this masterpiece is personal development and self-improvement.
The abstract of this book is 14 principles to reach success and achievements in your life.
This inspiring book is of great help to build your personality and to appear more confident.
It motivates us to suppress our negative thoughts, not to let the negativity in our minds and surroundings affect us. Instead, we should always strive for our long-term goals for success.
It also asserts that one should have a desire and faith to achieve something and stay persistent throughout the bumpy road.
Tame your mind to be positive and don’t be afraid of risks.
Even in hard times like today, the opportunities are knocking at your day. Go, grab them.

3. The Power of Now

This book is among the most thoughtful books that you need to read.
This extraordinary book by Eckhart Tolle is no less than a blessing in disguise.
It speaks about the spiritual and psychological nature of a human being and persists us to quit residing in the past and start focusing on the future.
No doubt, we all go through some traumatic events in the past that continue to interfere with our present.
But think about it, what good can it do?
What’s gone is gone.
As the author says “The present moment is real, and thoughts only create only the present moment matters, the past, and future”.
I think this is one of the most life-changing books you will come across because when you start to steer your thoughts and live in the present, you are only heading towards betterment.
It also suggests some fruitful methods of meditation and relaxation to anchor you in the present.
When you truly start living in the present, you ease your mind from all the stress of the past and future, and it will ultimately leave a positive change.
I know times are demanding today, but with this particular self-help book, you will be able to get through 2020 better.
Remember the saying; happiness can be found even in the darkest of times?

4. How to Win Friends and Influence People

The title itself is quite appealing. I would immediately grab it.
It is the best-selling book on self-help by the incredible author, Dale Carnegie. After reading this book, you will see a lot of positive changes and self-improvement in yourself. I am sure.
This fantastic book is full of valuable life lessons that we, for sure need lately.
You will be able to get control of your thought pattern; the long battle of your mind against negative thoughts will finally find peace.
Reading this book will help you cultivate new thoughts and ambitions, better you in making friends and interacting with people.
It will enhance your thinking abilities in a way that would help you to influence people and go ahead in the rat race the modern world is about.
Furthermore, it will help your financial and psychological development too.

5. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Ever wonder what habits do highly effective people have? This book introduces us to it!
Written by the best-selling author Stephen Covey, this book promotes self-help and self-actualization.
It tells us about a psychological belief that the way we see the world is entirely based on our perception.
To change a situation, we must change ourselves, and to change ourselves. We must change our perception.
The way we perceive our thoughts play an important role in determining our success. According to the law of attraction, positive thoughts bring out positive outcomes.
It also gives us 7 Habits of influential people which are:
Be Proactive
Begin with the End in Mind
Put First thing first
Think Win-Win
Seek first to understand, than to be understood
Sharpen the Saw

All these Habits will surely do you wonders!

6. Start with Why

Another best self-help book written by Simon Sinek is a treat to get you through 2020 as a better and developed person.
It highlights the comparison between two main ways to influence human behaviour, inspiration, and manipulation.
Behind every new idea and task, there is some inspiration involved; the question of why always hangs in there.
You should be aware as to why you are doing certain things before asking yourself how you are going to do it.
Inspiration is a ladder to success, after all.

7. The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

As powerful as the title sounds, this book by Joseph Murphy is an excellent bridge to self-development and psychological health.
Our Subconscious mind is amongst the most powerful dark hole that could affect our lives in both good and bad ways.
Though almost forgotten, the thought it holds more or less determines our personality and journey in life. If some lousy memory resides in your subconscious mind, it will continue to leave drastic imprints throughout.
Joseph Murphy has shed light on our dark whole and suggests powerful yet practical techniques for us to change our destiny, better ourselves by thinking happy thoughts.
It helps us to redirect positive never energy out in times of dark like 2020.
We all need positivity every day.

8. The Book of Mistakes

The book of Mistakes by Skip Prichard is a remarkable book where the writer applies fiction to indulge readers into some fundamental and valuable life lessons.
We all strive hard for a successful and better future, going out for either education or work to be able to have a secure future for our family.
If you are looking for ways to be successful, then this book is a must-read.
Along with significant life lessons, it also highlights mistakes to avoid and gives us secrets to a successful future.
Hence, Skip created a powerful book of inspiration and advice on how to be a successful person.
Get on the road to self achievements.
The Power of Self Discipline
If you are lacking motivation and struggling to get past excuses in the dark times of 2020 while locked up in your houses, then this book will help you give some great ideas and activities.
It will encourage you to make changes in your everyday routine, business conditions, personal goals, and overall happiness.
So, stop being sluggish and binge-watching Netflix all day long.
Say goodbye to your pillows and screeching chair and adopt these habits for a healthy mind and a better future.
On your road to success and self-development, hop into Amazon to get these life-changing books, and enjoy reading.
The Crux
Indeed 2020 is a gloomy time of the decade with every person struggling with inner and outer conflicts. These best self-help books are a favour you will do to yourself for a better and happy future ahead.
No need to get depressed about the destruction this pandemic is causing, rather keep yourself quarantined and accompanied by these inspiring self-help books that are the road to your development.
Stay safe and keep reading!



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