Best Investment Brokerages in Singapore in 2020

If you are hunting for the best brokerages for investment in Singapore, then you have come to the right place.
We are here to ease your search for you.
Investment is not just about sowing your seed and waiting for it to grow.
For intelligent investment, financial independence, and money growth, you need to be cautious about all the aspects.
Being a smart investor is all about knowledge and mindset.
Investment is like a plant whose roots are spreading vast in our lives.
There are so many dimensions to investing that you might never comprehend it all.
But it is always better to know something than nothing.

Before you go out and invest your precious money with a blind eye, you must be aware of all the vital details.
From the intrinsic value of an asset to its volatility, and the developing companies around you to invest in, you must be conscious of it.
Besides the thorough research regarding the company’s portfolios, business details, and the market condition you should always be familiar with the brokerages you are willing to invest in.
We are your guide for that.
2020 is indeed a hard time for financial growth, but a wise decision will never fail you down.
If you are ready to invest, it is time for you to look up for reliable and most authentic online investment brokers.
If you are from Singapore, it is a lucky day for you.
Cutting down the wait, stay with us as we skim through best Investment Brokers in Singapore 2020.

1. Leading CFD Provider (IG)

Leading CFD Investment Brokerage is the utmost best platform for fresh and professional investors and traders.
Currently running in the top ten nominees of the best online investment brokers, this firm provides you with a broad spectrum of markets.
Quantitatively speaking, IG trades expose its clients to about 16,000 markets worldwide.
A massive catalogue of choices for you to choose from, right?
That is not all, hang on.
This incredible investment brokerage also provides its clients with maximum convenience for currency exchange, preferably an important area of investment.
Leading CFD Provider has massive and robust coverage in Forex (FX).
It is a marketplace or a platform where various currencies from all over the world are traded. With a helping hand of IG, you will be presented with over 80 major, minor, and exotic currencies.
Thrilling right?
One of the unique elements of this firm is that it provides its clients Cryptocurrency CFDs, unlike many other brokerages.
Now you can invest without actually owning the asset.
This Singapore investment broker is not only limited to Singapore instead is available online. It strives to provide easy usage with mobile applications as well as web browsers.
It is always helping out its users.
You can apply here anytime.
Open up this site for further details.
It is indeed a good option for you to choose from.

2. Saxo Markets

Investment Broker Singapore provides you with plenty of options for you to choose from.
Saxo Markets is among them. It is the best overall treading platform you can for sure confide in.
Saxo Markets offers you several incredible features to compel you towards itself.
With its user-friendly investment platform, you can enjoy a remarkable in class trading experience on your mobile screens, desktop, and tablets.
You can now lie on your bed and trade.
That’s indeed compelling for people who are as lazy as I am.
Just for its users, it provides you with comprehensive research regarding the firm and a 24/5 customer service.
Besides all the convenience, it also provides you with a vast range of product portfolios, whether it is stocks, bonds, commodities, funds, CFDs, Etc.
With it, you can gain extensive access to markets all over the globe and trade among 37 distinctive exchanges worldwide.
You can now get all these excellent benefits at a very competitive rate in Singapore.
For more details regarding the platform and account follow up this link.
Click here to apply for free.

3. Philip Capital (POEMS)

With over 45 years of financial expertise, this award-winning investment brokerage is running over 15 different countries with its extraordinary performance.
I am sure its users are quite satisfied with its work.
You have got to open your account here.
The POEMS is an incredible platform for beginners and professional investors to get access to over 40,000 unique products across almost 26 global exchanges.
It is for sure, spreading its roots vastly.
The long list of products it offers includes Stocks, ETFs, Robo Advisory, Bonds, Funds, Warrants, Unit Trusts, FX, and much more.
Providing maximum trading ease to its clients, it offers 24/5 dealing and advisory support, and its chat box support is available 24/7 in case if you have any query or question.
Also, it provides you with all the relief it could regarding the fee structure.
Philip Capital is always looking out for you, and in that terms, it has its fee as low as S$8 for Singapore stocks and flat US$6.88 for US stocks while trading with POEMS cash plus account.
Along with these, it offers you CDP linked accounts such as Cash Management Account and more than 30 different trading tools and features just for you.

4. TD Ameritrade

Among the best online investment brokers, TD Ameritrade also has its ranks. It rests on the list of best investment brokerages in Singapore and will provide you with robust facilities for investment.
This excellent firm struggles every day to make fun and flexible plans to provide exclusive benefit to its users.
Treat for you; these plans are also highly customizable for its client.
The comfort of their individuals is their supreme priority.
This best Singapore investment broker is well suited for both new and experienced investors.
You will not face any trouble or confusion regarding the process, and if you do, it offers you a resourceful library of information for you to learn and acquire new skills.
That’s not all; TD Ameritrade has got a treat for its trustworthy users.
*If you open your account before 31 Dec 2020, and fund a minimum of US$10,000 then it grants you with promotion and offers you 25 commission-free trades.
Don’t let this great offer go by.
Run to this link to open your account and know more about this brokerage.

5. City Index

If you are not already impressed by the brokerages mentioned above, then worry not.
We have got another great one for you.
Let’s get to know about this one, shall we?
With its remarkable success, it has been circling the globe gaining access to over 4,500 global shares, 17 global indices, 84 FX pairs, and 26 global commodities.
It provides comfort and ease to its clients and is always available in case of any confusion.
Comprehensive tools, charts, and many other types of equipment are used to give a brief market overview to help their users. It indeed is an excellent platform for both new and experienced traders. They will guide you along the way step by step.
The most extraordinary feature of this incredible Singapore investment broker is that unlike the other brokerages, it offers commission-free trade for all CFD’s except for stocks.
You will not regret checking out their website and joining this great brokerage.

6. DBS Vickers Securities

DBS is among the safest and largest financial company you will come across.
Providing its user with trustworthy business and trade, it has made its name up to the best brokerages in Singapore.
Among all the features, the investors always look for comfort and reliability. DBS is the best choice regarding both main priorities.
2020 is not a very happy year for many people financially. They seek the maximum solace from their brokers, and DBS is there to provide you with that.
Only for you, it offers free brokerage for the first five of its users. Along with this, you don’t need any account maintenance fee as well.
It’s a treat for you.
Trading with DBS is all fun as it offers you access to many investment tools to help you out.
Research reports are also there to guide you along.
Through this great platform, trade easily with CDF from your mobile applications or phone call.
If this doesn’t excite you, then you can always learn more from their website.
Whatever you choose, choose smart.

7. CMC Markets

Are you looking to get access to the best investment broker in Singapore? You are on the right page!
Exclusive CFD only broker is your best choice for today. With it get access to more than 9,000 CFD markets for you to trade across forex, indices, commodities, and many more.
What else are you looking for?
CMC markets have been doing great work in their field, and because of the love they get from their users, they are among the award-winning financial institutions today.
It’s all about cooperation.
Living in this advanced industrial world comes with its perks, and we mostly prefer technology to ease our worries.
With CMC, you don’t have to be in a state of constant anxiety to be physically present. It is all just in the click of your hand.
As 2020 is the time of the internet, you can now trade with convenience using the small gadget in your hand to do wonders for you.
The mobile trading applications and the extraordinary technology CMC grants allow you to trade around the globe effortlessly.
It’s all in your favour.
Besides this, you will not face any difficulty in working with them as the library of resources will be your guide. You can use it to sharpen your skills.
It is another convenient brokerage for you to consider. When you do consider it, hop into their website to get started fast.

The Crux

The best online investment brokers mentioned above are the perfect choice for you to consider. With their exceptional features and advanced facilities, I am sure it will be very much accessible and fun for you to invest and trade all while sitting on your beds.
There is no need to panic due to financial chaos in 2020 when you can always grab a helping hand from these financial institutions, and make a smart choice today.



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Jun Sing Tan

November 18, 2020