Beginner’s Guide to Investment

The modern world is like a never-ending race.
We are all striving for best against each other to get ahead in terms of both stability and success.
If you think about it, the real completion you should have is with your self.
The future as unpredictable it is, demands adjustments and challenges today, for a happy tomorrow.
Financially speaking, the best tool for your coming times could be an investment.
We grow up watching animations like Aladdin, where a hero finds a magical object that grants him a wondrous life; Investment is quite similar to that.
It’s like you give a little and receive better.

Imagine you wake up one day with a notice in your doorstep that screams the dreading words “You’re fired”.
Right then and there your life passes before your eyes like a snapshot of regrets and “what ifs’.
That’s where the idea of investment jumps in, to save you from that dreadful moment.

Why Should You Invest?

You will find several reasons every day to find investment a crucial part for your life ahead, such as:
1. Secure Future
It is always scary to be uncertain about your present and future.
You never know when you will wake up to see your life going downhill, a resignation letter sitting on your desk for you to sign, or a terrible economic situation, crushing your business.
In other words, you are never really sure about the security of your future. Still, when you invest your money, you are in many ways saving your tomorrow from numerous terrible outcomes.
Turning 18 is like a dream come true, no more curfews or arguments with your old folks, but it also brings along a bundle of responsibilities.
It is always better to save and invest now than regret tomorrow.
2. Financial Freedom
The whole purpose of going for jobs, struggling hours and hours with never-ending work stress is to gain enough cash for your survival.
What if you take this cash and start investing with a bare minimum?
With time, you could be financially independent, having enough money in your bank accounts to support you in your most critical times ahead.
Doesn’t this sound fascinating?
There’s no more getting up earlier, no more bringing back home with you all the work-load and stress.
I would grab the opportunity immediately.
3. Grow Your Money
Investing your money can give you a chance to grow it.
This sentence itself makes me thrilled enough to invest right away!
Most available investment vehicles offer returns on your money over a long time.
Imagine you invest $10 in the international market on a single item and overtime its market price raises to $15, your money will grow $5 more on every dollar you’ve invested.
Now you can go and enjoy the luxuries you’ve always wanted to.
4. Ladder to Success
Being successful in today’s industrialized world is like jumping hurdles over hurdles all the time.
Investment, however, can be like a ladder to your success.
The sooner you invest, the better there are chances for your success in that particular vehicle.
You could make your portfolio, combining different stocks to minimize the uncertainty of gains or loss from one particular option.
The gains you get in return will guide you towards the successful life ahead.
5. Content Retirement
Retirement is one of the most hectic parts of one’s life, bringing along another long list of future worries that are yet to come.
But investment once again bounces here to save you from that old age stress and worries.
As you are working, you can invest your money with time to save it for retirement.
Invest your money into different investment vehicles, and upon retirement, you can happily live off the funds you earned from these investments.
Sounds good, right?

Golden Rules to Remember

Nothing in life goes on a steady road; it’s a journey full of bumps and slides.
At times it goes up, and other times it can go down as well.
Same goes for investment, but you can always follow the golden rules to ensure more gains than a loss like:

  • Life is nothing without risks. You have to be daring enough to look right in its eyes and take whatever it throws at you. For assurance, it is better to take more risks while investing so you could earn better.
  • Don’t put all your cash under single supervision. To minimize the risk, it is always better to invest on different grounds rather than relying on one.
  • It’s better not to take risks for short-term saving. It’s better to rely on saving accounts instead of investment for short term savings.
  • Review your portfolio regularly. If one share is providing you loss, you can always cut off that stock and invest in some other options.
  • Last but not least, don’t panic. Always stay calm no matter the ups and downs.

As uncertain life is, you can never live it without risks.
It is never really known to us what life throws at us with each rising day; one can never predict highs and lows of his life.
It is always better to leap at a big chance that could be a significant turning point of your life.
Investment is always an alluring risk to take!

How Much Should I invest?

Now, the primary question fresh investors ask is how much do they need to invest?
It’s a happy answer.
You don’t need to have a load of cash to be able to invest.
You can start an investment with little money and grow it as time goes on.
As the rule of thumb indicates, you should never invest more than you can afford to lose.
Life is always uncertain now, isn’t it?
Buckle up and don’t worry about the cash amount.
Invest a little and enjoy ahead.

How Do I Start?

After all the tempting details mentioned above, wouldn’t you want to start investing as soon as possible?
We all know any idea could seem complicated initially, but we are here to guide you through some easy ways to start investing.
Read below.
1. Track Your Income
To start investing, you need to know exactly how much is your income and how much are you willing to invest.
You cannot invest without knowing how much are you getting paid and what your expenses are.
Once you’ve sketch down your income, you will have a clear perspective of where you stand.
It is not that difficult, right?
2. Start Saving
The next cautious step you can take is to start saving a little every day.
If you’re working, you can set aside some cash from your pay and save it for later use.
If you’ve never been a saver, worry not, we’ve got an effective and easy technique for you, “The cookie jar technique”.
Try saving $10 from your pay and place it in a cookie jar, this may sound silly, but it proves to be a very effective technique.
Eventually, you will get used to spending less than you earn and saving more for investment.
3. Options for Investment
Once you’ve got the hang of the money you will invest, you need to start digging into investment options.
It includes looking for investment drives that would provide you with maximum benefit.
The most common and beneficial area for investment could be investing in the stock market. As the market price rises, you will get more gain than you invest for.
You can also purchase bonds, invest with real estate marketing, companies or even physical commodities like gold or silver.
Go for whatever suits you the best, the more, the better!
You can also take professional help to achieve your financial goal from platforms like Robo-advisors, Financial Advisors and Online Investment brokers.
4. Unleash Your Skills
We are all born with some innate skills and talents.
You can unleash them for your healthier tomorrow.
If you’ve got a particular talent, you can invest your money to start your own business and grow steadily and happily.
The sky is the limit here!
5. Be Patient and Persistent
Lastly, try to stay patient and persistent throughout.
It’s a time taking process, and you never know about ups and downs.
Be patient and stick to your goals for, in the end, patience always pays!
Henceforth, investment is never a bad idea to get on board with. Start investing for a better future that we all struggle for.
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Jun Sing Tan

I help young adults and working professionals achieve their financial goals with a full suite of risk management and wealth accumulation solutions. I firmly believe that financial education should be easy and achievable for all. I am committed to service and hope to be your one stop financial solution.


Jun Sing Tan

November 18, 2020