9 Tips on Controlling Your Expenses

They say that “money makes the mare go,” and it is true!
Money is the pivotal point of all the hustle-bustle you see around.
It doesn’t require you to be born super-rich or super-smart to have something in your hand for rainy days; all you need is a little planning and mindful spending habits to manage your expenses wisely.
Financial literacy and financial planning are the two critical aspects of managing your expenses smoothly. Keep an eye out for more finance-related tips from our website!
This article explains some essential tips to control your expenses in detail.
Have a read and find out what suits you the best!


It may sound cliché, but budgeting is the fundamental step to manage your expenses.
Give a detailed thought to all the costs, including food, bills, laundry, transportation, etc. and allocate a specific amount for every expense.
Make sure that you don’t exceed the allotted amount through the month.

Auto-transfer Your Intended Savings into Another Bank

When you are setting the budget, you must have set aside some money as your savings.
You need to save this money. Yes, you read it right, “save the savings”.
Let us guide you on how you can do it most systematically.
When budgeting, divide your expenses into three categories – variable expenses, fixed expenses, and savings.
Send your monthly income to the fixed account on payday.
Then, set up an auto-transfer system on your account to transfer the amount you allocated to savings and expenditures in the other two accounts.
This auto-transfer will force you to keep your expenditures in limit and serve you as your finance manager.

Enjoy More Yet Save More

Usually, people plan their holiday using their savings, bonuses, or some extra income.

It indicates that the money they are using on vacationing is extra, and they could use it for investment.

We are not suggesting you save that money rather than going on your dream holiday trip.
However, always try to opt to manage the expenses!

Need some recreation and vacation to refresh yourself after working hard to earn money—however, your mindset can give you a memorable holiday experience for a reasonable price.

Instead of travelling through your transportation, opt for public transport. You can save a substantial amount of money this way.

Similarly, camping is an economical option compared to staying at luxury hotels. If you want to see nature more closely, camping is the best choice, depending on the location.

Plan your trip with a group and divide expenses like food, transportation, and tickets, etc. You will enjoy more but need to pay less this way.

Moreover, you can look for group offers while going to the cinema or other recreational spots.

The amount you save this way can go into your savings account. It is possible to enjoy more and save more at the same time.

Travelling Makes a Difference

Going to work or movies or visiting someone needs transportation, and thus, you spend a lot of money on refilling your car tank.
Using public transport is a good alternative, and it can cut your transportation cost considerably.
Check with your local railway or bus office and get copies of the daily schedule for trains and buses.
Try adjusting your travelling routine according to these schedules.
However, if your travel time differs, try carpooling!
Ask the colleagues living in your area or passing by your residence to join in for carpooling.
It will not only reduce your expenditure, but it will also have a positive impact on your mental health as you will have to drive a lot less.

Cut Off Electricity Bills

Leaving the lights and air conditioning system in the entire house on is a bad habit and costs you massively in terms of electricity bills.

Use energy saver lights, and set the thermostat on geysers and heaters to switch them off after reaching a specific temperature.
Do the same with cooling arrangements too.
Invest in the solar power system if you live in a sunny area.
This investment will be a great initiative to reduce your electricity bills, and thus, you will have more savings without compromising your lifestyle.

Shopping is Not an Escape!

Change your mindset; don’t consider shopping as a mood booster or a stress buster!
Make a list of your needs throughout the month after receiving your paycheque.
Now mark those items that you don’t need urgently and can wait for them.
Wait for a sale, promotion, and discount offers for such items, and you will be astonished to find out how much you can set aside from that favourite stereo system you had always wanted!

Avoid unnecessary trips to shopping malls.
It will keep the pressure of impulse buying to a minimum.
It also helps you avoid peer pressure to purchase, which happens when you visit a mall with your friends and shop for unnecessary items to identify with the group.

The Kitchen Needs Your Special Attention!

Yes, you can save a lot by managing your kitchen expenses smartly.
Buy fresh food and grocery items rather than packed and processed ones to spend less.
You may follow food prep recipes on the internet on weekends and avoid buying fancy, costly, and unhealthy ready-to-cook foods.
Kitchen gardening can be of great help.
Consider growing herbs and vegetables in small empty bottles and cartons.

This food will not only save you the money you spend on buying vegetables from the market, but it can also cut down your doctors’ bill in the long run by providing you with healthy food.

Invest Wisely

After you have saved some money after managing your expenses smartly, it’s essential to explore the options you can choose to ensure your financial growth.

You may like to invest your money in a business where it grows with time.

Look for the banks which offer you the best return rate for depositing your money for a particular time.

You must pay attention to investment strategies if you have a wealth mindset and improve your financial conditions.

Looking for investment strategies and seeking expert advice from investment experts is one way to do so.
Consider the amount you can easily manage to invest and then look for the best investment options.

A detailed market study and a little help from competent finance experts can do wonders for you.

If you have some passive income in property rent or dividend shares, explore ways for passive income investing.

This way, your savings will grow considerably without putting any specific effort into working overtime.

Don’t go for the schemes and offers which claim an unexpected growth of wealth after investment.

These are usually scams, and you may end up losing all of your hard-earned money.

Always look for big names in the investment sector, which help you grow your wealth organically.

There are lesser chances of fraud and scam with established brands because they have to maintain their reputation in the market.

Work Hard; Play Harder. Always Have a Healthy Relationship With Your Money

Money is an evitable part of your life, and there is no doubt in it.

We have guided you through many ways to save money for a more robust financial status and a stable economic situation.

However, this does not imply that you stop enjoying your life to save some bucks.

Don’t push yourself too much, and don’t compromise on your living style!

The key is to find better means to bring more fun and comfort in your life, even when you are spending less.

Do your best to learn more about giving yourself the well-deserved fun dose regularly, so you don’t lose your life’s spark.

Fix an amount you’re going to save every month and stick to it.

However, if you can’t reach the goal once, don’t panic. Try compensating for it the next month without going too harsh on yourself.

Moreover, never even think of cutting down on your healthy diet or healthcare.

However, you may look for less expensive options. For instance, instead of going to a costly gym for cardio, you may switch to a run across the local park or cycling along the trail nearby.

Being healthy is a sure road to success, and without it, all the money is useless because you can’t enjoy it.


Money is necessary, and saving it is even more critical.

You can manage your personal finance, income, expenses, and budgeting through a wise plan.

Don’t copy others as the dynamics of life are unique for every individual. Thus, look for the spending and saving strategy which suits you the best.

Keep an eye on your expenses to maintain a balance between your income and expenses.

Don’t be content with only one income stream but keep finding out ways to generate more income through various methods, including passive income.

Cutting off your necessities to save more is a foolish move.

After a stressful hustle to earn something, a comfortable lifestyle is your right. However, learn to manage your expenses, so you don’t have to look miserable in the time of need.



Jun Sing Tan

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Jun Sing Tan

November 18, 2020