9 Lessons from Rich Dad Poor Dad for Financial Growth

Are you looking for a reliable and easy way for personal financial management?
It is time for you to grab this incredible book, Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki!
Rich Dad Poor Dad is an awe-inspiring book that guides you towards money management and growth.
It enriched with practical pieces of advice that would compel you to strive for entrepreneurship in just a few simple ways.
Searching for a tried and tested approach to financial growth?
There are some crucial and straightforward lessons from Rich Dad Poor Dad to help you grow your cash in no time.

This inspiring book is an excellent comparison between the mindset of two fathers about what they think of success.
The poor dad has always been a brilliant student with highly qualified degrees in hand but somehow failed to make a successful career.
According to the poor dad “The love of money is the root of all the evil.”
However, Rich Dad is who we need to admire!
The guy has been a school dropout, but due to his broad and visionary mindset, and daring personality, he brings out the best in his life and becomes the most powerful man in Hawaii.
His saying “The lack of money is the root of all the evil”, is something to ponder over.
If you think of it, this saying is quite true!
We live in a world where the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer.
There is no negating that the world is facing the worst kinds of evils every other day. We think that the people who commit crimes does it all for money. While it might be true to an extent, but is it the root cause?
It’s not that they adopt these vile ways to get more money than they already have; the core reason is the lack of money to start.
According to Robert Kiyosaki, It’s always the shortage of money that promotes despicable behaviour.
This startling book talks about how your mindset determines your success.
If you are never daring enough to catch the opportunities bestowed by life, then you will never be financially independent.
Believe in your potential, mind your own business, and strive hard to catch the basket of opportunities life throws at you along the way.
Yes, Education is essential but never wait for you to have a degree in your hand to start growing your money!
You can plan the ways for money management even when you are young, all you need is determination and faith in yourself.
Financially thriving is always a challenge in the modern, industrialized world. Still, with these few crucial lessons from Rich Dad Poor Dad, you will be able to achieve financial acceleration in no time.
Let’s get into them!

1. Intrigue your Thoughts

Before embarking on the road to financial stability, you must plot your thoughts and control them.
As the poor dad never questioned his strength, he was never able to become prosperous in his life. He let the doubts and his lack of self-confidence consume all his abilities.
Conversely, the rich dad never let the world and his thoughts tell him he can’t. He caught every opportunity he could and used his mind cleverly.
As the quote says “The single most powerful asset we all have is our mind. If it is trained well, it can create enormous wealth in an instant”.
This excellent saying speaks to all of those among you who are looking out for ways to acquire wealth.
Control your mind and train it to be your most valuable asset.
Intrigue your thoughts, be curious about ways you can achieve your goals, ask yourself why you want a particular thing before jumping to question how.
If you get overwhelming negative thoughts, screaming “I can’t do it”, mould them to “I can do it”, because there is nothing in the world you can’t do if you are willing to take some risks.

2. Investment is the Ladder

There is a saying in this book “Make money work for you”.
It is so cliché that people consider it to be a myth, but it is not!
You must not work for money, instead, make money work for you.
When you ask someone, how do you earn money? The answer is “I have Job.’’
The difference between rich and others is that they don’t just rely on jobs!
When you’re working under someone, you might be earning enough, but you are still a slave.
The Rich Dad Poor Dad gives us many great ideas to be able to stand on our own feet financially.
Sure, you must have some source of income; it is even incredible if you are saving some money, but this is not everything.
Investment is a real ladder to financial success.
For most people, their occupation is their income, but if you are looking for ways to get rich, then generating assets and investment is your best shot.
Even in the book, the rich dad makes a smart decision to invest in promoting his personal financial development.

A treat to investment is that you don’t need a whole bag of cash for it, start from little but go smart. Look out for the best options for investment and never put all your eggs in one basket.

3. Take Risks and Make Mistakes to Learn

“Failure is a part of the process of success; those who avoid failure avoid success.”
Among the variety of great lessons, this is my most favourite.
Never be afraid to take risks and learn from your mistakes.
The road to success is not an easy one; it is full of bumps and hurdles along the way.
You will fall every two steps before rising again. But the noteworthy point is, you will rise again.
The Rich dad taught us to be daring enough to look right in the eyes of life, to show the world who you are.
Nothing can stop you!
Go out every day and take risks. If you fail, then don’t be embarrassed. Tell yourself, every successor has once failed in life.
Life throws at you arrows of hardship; you need to learn to catch them, bleed from them, heal and dodge them.
“In school, we learn that mistakes are bad, and we are punished for making them. Yet, if you look at the way humans are designed to learn, we learn by making mistakes. We learn to walk by falling. If we never fall, we would never walk again”.
So stop being anxious and go after your success!

4. Acquire Money in Return

We are always anxious to get our payments after doing our workload.
The nail-biting anxiety is real.
Rich Dad Poor dad somehow settles our apprehension.
It would be best if you were nifty of the choices of your investment.
It is possible that you invest in a particular asset and not acquire the amount of money you hoped. It is also possible that the investment of your choice is heading towards loss.
You must always be cautious about investing in vehicles that will travel upwards than reversing down.
Try to make a portfolio of numerous investment options and invest in more than one. Also, you can always cut down any asset that is not in your benefit anymore.
As Rich dad said, “To be investor, you must receive money back.”
Go Smart!

5. Management of Cash Flow

Another fundamental lesson from Rich Dad Poor Dad for your financial growth is to manage your cash flow.
You should know the amount you are receiving. Sketch down your income and expenses too.
If you want to buy something, you must generate enough cash flow to cover your expenses first.
Once your vital needs are taken care of, you can, for sure, go for your wants.
You must have enough cash flow to invest even more so you could get more money in your pockets. That’s always a happy feeling!
Stay focused, and mind your own business.
Track down legitimate ways to invest and grow your money.

6. Liquidity Ratio

Keep Control of the Assets
Rich dad and Poor dad is a book full of inspiring lessons for money management.
It tells us that investment alone is not the option if you are not looking out for your cash flow and assets.
Investment, as favourable as it is, can also go downhill.
You never know when the market price of a particular investment vehicle goes down and takes you with it.
It would be best if you kept control of your assets by maintaining those assets that are generating money for you and cutting out those that are only taking you down.
Also, please keep in contact with the stock market as it is never really stable.
As the book teaches us, it is always about the smart mindset!

7. Hunt for More Assets

The most fruitful lesson in this book is never to settle.
Always strive for more and more.
Betterment is an option, even in perfection!
Just like the Rich dad, you must be daring and smart enough about the opportunities of life.
Mostly, we settle down for one particular profession if it is fulfilling our needs. You must not do that!
The critical factor for your financial development must be not to give up.
Robert Kiyosaki motivates us by saying “You’re only poor if you give up”. Don’t do that!
Even if you are getting good money from a particular asset, keep hunting for more.
Don’t sit on that money. Make some little side investments from your acquired money and earn better.
That’s how successful people do.

8. Work to Learn

Poor dad used to say “If I can afford it?” whiles the rich dad made it possible for him to afford it!
It is incredible if a particular profession or job is sustaining your needs and wants but don’t just close your eyes to other options. Always work to learn than earn.
Go out and apply for even minor jobs to get new skills and learn. It is the best favour you will do to yourself.
A person who is up-to-date with the skills in demand will never go hungry!

9. Repeat the Process

The good thing about investment is it never closes its door for you.
The last but not least essential lesson from Rich Dad Poor Dad for your financial management is to keep repeating the process.
Don’t aim for more income; aim for more assets.
It is a process that you can manifest over and over again to build wealth.
Invest, manage your cash flow, don’t’ settle and hunt for more assets.
That’s how the rich get richer.


Rich Dad Poor Dad is among the best guides for you to acquire success in just a few easy steps.
Full of valuable lessons, this book will lead you towards your financial growth and money management.
On your road to success keep this book as your company and work smart.

Here’s where you can get this incredible book online for your financial management.



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Jun Sing Tan

November 18, 2020