6 Reasons to Include Reading in Your Life

For a book-lover, the question “Why reading is important” is like asking “Why do we need air?”
Their mind instantly comes up with reasons as to why it is so vital for people to read books.
Undoubtedly, reading is like a secret to manifest your dreams.
The moment your fingers touch the crippled white texture of your favorite book, and as soon as the words start to capture your mind, the dull and boring world around you disappears.
It’s just you, your imagination, and the tempting words are speaking only to you.
Doesn’t that sound soothing?
For sure, you must have heard numerous quotes about how reading a book is nothing less than creating magic itself.
You might have a particular group of book nerds who brag all day long about their beloved character or plot or a great quote that changed their lives.
Ever really wonder what these people find so intriguing behind the rustic pages of a book?
Sadly, most of us just let these inspiring books sit in our bookshelves or catch dust on our side-table.

There is a famous saying by Charles Eliot,
“Books are the quietest and the most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counsellors, and the most patient of teachers.”

And I think a lot of us can relate to this.
Life is always a tough road. We go out to face new challenges every day and workload that drains our energy continuously.
A human being is compassionate by nature.
We are like a bundle of emotions, which we sometimes exhibit and other times don’t, nevertheless, we all long for a good friend for motivation and distractions.
A good book can build you!
It has the power to cast and develop your personality and steer you in a direction where success awaits you.
You find yourself on a journey to self-enrichment.
That is not all!
That was only a trailer of what books can do to you.
There is so much more to it.
A good book will not only act like your friend. Instead, it will provide you with an ocean of information, boosting up your knowledge about plenty of things.
The words written on those white pages will give you incredible pieces of advice, inspire you when you are dejected, and provide you with several innovative ideas that you can implement to make your life better in so many aspects.
Psychologically speaking, reading enhances your cognitive skills, makes you intuitive, and broadens your mind to new ideas and notions.
Along with these remarkable benefits, reading also makes you empathetic towards situations, and people and the world need more empathy, doesn’t it?
Remember the ever famous J.K Rowling saying,
‘’I do believe something magical can happen when you read a good book.’’
Find out that magic in your life!
If you still feel unmotivated and sluggish to open a book and read through all the pages then worry not, we have got six exceptional reasons to convince you why reading is so essential.
Jump on the ride and stay with us!

1. Read to Reduce Stress

There is nothing better than reading that would help you reduce stress.
Coming back from a stressful day and leaping towards a good book is the most beautiful feeling.
It’s like the words in the book are your meditation guide, and the words on it are like a spell that waves your stress away.
Even the fragrance of a good book gives you a satisfying feeling!
The book lovers among you can relate to how it feels to open the book you haven’t read in a while again, it is like meeting a dear old friend after a long time and catching up with everything that has been missing.
Reading is among one of the best solutions for you to reduce stress.
A good self-enrichment book will do wonders for you!
It will even help you change your perspective. Whatever the hassle you talk about, whether a financial problem or a grim relationship with a family member, you can find a book that can help you get through it.
No need to get miserable over a friend who left you or distresses of life weighing you down, a right book will always know what to do!
Reading also gives you a sense of happiness and satisfaction while promoting the flow of happy neurotransmitter, dopamine.
Let it flow!
Some great self-esteem books have shown to significantly reduces the stress levels among their avid readers.
They are worth a try.

2. Read to Improve Your Knowledge

“There is more treasure in books than in all the pirates’ loot on Treasure Island.”- Walt Disney
Reading is like a key to a treasure box!
Once you have got the key, all the treasure is yours.
They say the richest man on earth isn’t the one who has got the wealth, but the one who has all the knowledge.
Ever wondered from where did they get it all?
Getting into the habit of reading enables you to know about the world, history, the struggles of successful people, and what made them be the leaders of their lives.
You can even get to know yourself with the reflection and profoundness of thinking that comes with reading.
Reading books is like discovering yourself and the world’s greatest minds.
These written pages enhance your cognitive abilities and increase your knowledge.
Now you must be thinking, how is it different from school books?
Seriously no one likes them!
They are full of yawns and constant look at clocks.
But reading books out of hobby is nothing like that; you never have to look at the clock twice and wonder why time isn’t passing by.
Along with the fun, it provides you with an amplitude of awareness and understanding.
So, why stay behind when you can be the master of your treasures?

3. Read to Improve Your Vocabulary

Ever met a person who is so fluent in English, he’s like a walking dictionary? Speaking big words that you hardly understand and you wish you could be as good as him?
Well, consider your wish granted!
Reading is the most helpful tools to build up your vocabulary.
All these books have a vast desert of words and vocabulary in it, every line you read, or every page you flip, fresh new words are waiting for you to be devoured.
Every writer has his way of presenting you with his plot.
The sets of terms and use of vocabulary among different books are so vast and extensive. You can always benefit from them.
The trick to increasing your vocabulary is to keep a pencil or a highlighter with you and highlight any new word you come across.
Search for that word in the dictionary. Even better, the internet is always there to save you from the troubles of going through pages and pages; you can always Google it, and it will immediately provide you with exact definition, along with synonyms and antonyms.
Now that you know it’s meaning note down the word in your notebook and revise it.
Try using it more and more in your conversations now.

4. Read to Develop Your Memory

Isn’t it kind of anxious to forget words and moments randomly?
I mean one moment you know something and the next moment, Poof!
Reading once again benefits you here.
It’s like a saviour, always coming to rescue you.
A study has revealed that reading a book helps you boost up your cognitive skills, reduces stress, and slows down the decline in your brain’s memory sector “Hippocampus”.
Isn’t that motivating?
As you read, different sectors of your brain work together, and your brain processes more than it usually does.
All this helps to strengthen your cognition and help you get a healthy mind with a strong memory.
Who doesn’t want a photographic memory now?

5. Read to Improve Your Cognitive Skills

Along with all the fantastic benefits, reading also helps you to improve your focus.
When you are reading your brain is not only connecting the dots it also, stimulates the attention, focus, and concentration area.
As we read along, we are better able to understand the reasons and connect the ideas.
Reading helps our brains to link cause and effect, and the better we can focus on.
You will never regret reading a decent book!

6. Read to Enhance Your Writing Skills

Got a great story in your mind or a great blog post to write but lacking the writing skills?
You can improve them with reading.
The way reading enhances your writing skill is shocking, you start a book as a poor writer, and by the time you end it, you find your skills so much improved.
Reading a book is a great way to expose yourself to different writing styles, formats, voices, genres, and plots.
It provokes a new sense of perspective and imagination in your mind, and you can connect to yours and other’s emotions and develop a more substantial plot.
It also introduces you to intriguing vocabulary and improves your grammar. You get to know how you can express your emotions and mind better and in a much simpler and attractive way.
As the pile of your books increases, so does your writing skills.


Today, as we battle through this Covid-19 Pandemic, developing a reading habit is the best thing you can do for yourself.
While it is undeniably a great way to pass the time, you will come out of a book emotionally and informationally stronger.
With enhanced focus, improved vocabulary, you will see a significant improvement in your writing skills as well.
After being aware of all these phenomenal advantages, I would say grab a book right away.
You will never regret it.
Ending it with a great quote, “Wear the old coat and buy the new book.”



Jun Sing Tan

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Jun Sing Tan

November 17, 2020